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Selling Real Estate with XLR8 Realty Auctions is as simple as A,B,C

Seller FAQ'S


Who is XLR8 Realty Group Inc?

 Our brokerage is a team of registered REALTORS®, Brokers, and accredited Auctioneers of real estate who have developed an exclusive online property bidding platform that is managed and regulated by realtors. 

What is The XLR8 online bidding platform?

 XLR8 realty auction is an online real estate bidding platform for all types of properties. The bidding platform allows sellers to showcase their property to a worldwide audience creating a competitive marketplace for buyers to compete and maximize true values. 

What is the advantage to selling my property with XLR8's online bidding platform?

 Online bidding for Real Estate allows buyers to bid more easily and more often in real-time. This allows offers to be presented to the seller by public online bidding and in real-time. There can be an unlimited number of registered buyers and no limit to how many times they can bid.

Is selling my property with XLR8's online bidding safe?

 Your property is listed first by our registered brokerage in compliance with all regulations before being listed on our real estate bidding portal and marketing comences. Our online bidding transactions are managed by trusted realtors for buyers and sellers.

What about the deposit?

 All buyer's deposits are held in trust with the XLR8 Realty Group Inc Trust Account.

Do I have sale price protection?

Yes. The seller will choose a sale date and reserve price which means you are not obligated to sell below that price. Our realtors will provide you with real accurate sales data and market analysis so all our sellers are very knowledgeable about the value of the property.

How do I begin?

 Call our office or fill out the form below. We will provide a property market valuation and see how we can work together to achieve a successful sale to your satisfaction.