Building Lots & Acreage

Sell your property for maximum value in a short period of time, be it a single lot, or multiple units.

  • We create a sense of urgency in a marketplace where there had been none 
  • Seller determines the terms of sale.
  • Sell according to Seller's timetable- closing typically 30 days.
  • Sell large inventories in one day to individual homebuyers, at or close to current market retail values.
  • Eliminates long term carrying costs and future market uncertainties.
  • Allows Seller to be pro-active in better predicting future business plans! 

Live and onsite events and Online Competitive Bidding with our transaction platform app 24hrs / 7 days a week 

XLR8 can also cross market the construction of a new custom homes in conjuction with the lot, this provide a better understanding finished cost to the buyer.

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