Buying Real Estate is better than ever! 

XLR8 Realty offers accredited professional service and the best technology.

  • Buyers have confidence in public offers because they are open, transparent, fair & square.

  • All offers (bids) are in real-time, our properties are pre-inspected with detailed reports, and we work with and are professional REALTORS® who comply with the industry's most trusted ethics and business practices.

  • All of this is wrapped up in our prop-tech bidding platform which is unbelievably fast and secure. Available on Andriod and Apple devices as well as your home and office computers, tablets, or smart TVs.

Buyer FAQ'S


Who is XLR8 Realty Group Inc?

 Our brokerage is a team of registered REALTORS®, Brokers, and accredited Auctioneers of real estate who have developed an exclusive online property bidding platform that is managed and regulated by realtors. 

What is The XLR8 online bidding platform?

 XLR8 Realty Auctions is an online real estate bidding platform that receives bids in real-time. The platform showcases property to a worldwide audience by creating an open and transparent marketplace for buyers to compete and maximize true values. 

Am I obligated to bid once I register?

You are under no obligation once you register to bid. Registering is free and gives you the option to bid.

Can I bid on several properties at once?

Yes. You can bid on several at once. In order to do this, you and your agent will need to register for each property individually. 

How should I prepare to bid, in an online real estate auction?

Download our App on APPLE or ANDROID or visit BID.XLR8REALTYAUCTIONS.COM. Then create an account. Once your account is created, click on the auction, and click on register to bid. Bidders will need to provide proof of financing. Your Realtor and Bank / Mortgage Broker assist in producing this document. All Realtors must complete the online realtor acknowledgment.

How do I register to bid on a property?

Once you have created a login account, click on the property you want to bid and click "register to bid". 

When will I know the reserve has been met?

When the reserve is met, it will appear on the auction

Can the property owner place a bid?

No. It is specified in the online bidding terms and conditions that sellers cannot place a bid.

Will I have access to property due diligence?

Yes, you have the benefit of being represented by licensed Realtors and access to information provided in the documents section of each auction, such as home inspection reports and other disclosure available.

What is the MAX BID feature?

Some bidders prefer to set a max bid, to cap their walkaway price. You can also set a custom bid and you can call (which means bid what is asked by the auctioneer)

I am the winning bidder, what happens next?

You and your Realtor will be sent the completed purchase agreement documents for e signature and you will have deposit instructions provided to complete the purchase deposit. 

What if I need help?

We always have live agents during a real estate auction, available to provide support. You can also contact us here